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The Spiritual Art of Being Organized
Best Organizing Book finalist, 2008 NAPO-LA Organizing Awards

  • Claire Josefine is the Zen master of organizers, a black belt in helping you create a space that works for you and makes life sing! - China Galland, Author

  • I keep my copy handy for inspiration. It's a very inspirational, and loving, book. I used to keep around a copy of a short story from The New Yorker called "Filthy With Things" for the same inspirational and goading purpose, but this book is better. - Bill A.

  • I once read a columnist who said her goal was to write columns that felt like you were getting a letter from a good friend. That's the way this book is. Its lovely cover feels personal rather than mass produced -- a nice contrast from the bright, glossy covers of most "How To" books. And its personal anecdotes, spiritual insight, and simple suggestions make it both easy to read and easy to implement. I've read other books that help you organize your life, but this one was by far the most enjoyable. - Evelyn H.

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    Following Raven, Finding Ground: A Road Trip in Search of Home

    Told through journal entries, dreams, and emailed travelogues -- with an occasional recipe tossed in -- this heartwarming story of one woman's midlife search for Home winds through terrain both personal and public. From the Pacific Northwest to the Canadian Rockies, from Yellowstone to Maine and west again through Santa Fe, Claire describes the inner and outer landscapes with poetic honesty and subtle humor. This book is truly a beacon to all who step into uncertainty in search of where they belong.

  • Joseph Campbell once said that there are really only two stories: A hero sets out on a journey and A stranger comes to town. Claire Josefine tells both stories in this slender in-search-of odyssey. Claire's keen eye for the beauty of small things in the natural world and her willingness to disclose doubts, fears, joys, and humble triumphs along the way, leaves the reader with the distinct sensation of having come along on her solitary journey. This lovely little read will have you thinking about what home really means. Curl up and enjoy a ramble from the comfort of your corner of the world.
    -- Carla Baku, Freelance writer and poet

  • When Claire Josefine realized "I didn't have to go back," she moved forward -- a small woman alone in a small car on a large map -- embarking on a journey of self-discovery. It was at times a bumpy trip, but a wondrous one, too, and after she realized "maybe I'm here to give more than to seek," her quest moved increasingly toward universality. Fortunately, Claire's prose is firmly anchored in reality, so this story is both entertaining and revealing.
    -- Gerald Haslam, author of Straight White Male and Grace Period

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    Following Raven -- LIVE

    Our lives are filled with endless possibilities. Yet leaving the comfort of our known lives to explore those possibilities takes courage. Dare we venture into the unknown to find where we belong, be it right livelihood, love, or home? Dare we embark on our personal hero's journey of discovery and growth? Click here for the 24-minute mp3 of a motivational recounting of Claire's "hero's journey." Like the Fool in the Tarot deck, she stepped off the edge of her known world, finding her feet in the process. Join her as she shares her journey of discovery, perhaps inspiring you to begin yours.



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