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Claire and the GirlsI was a professional organizer for 16 years, working with people in their homes and offices to reduce clutter and create simple systems that made their lives easier and more fulfilling. This was very satisfying work for me. However, fibromyalgia took its toll and i retired due to disability in 2013. I am choosing to leave this website active, even though I no longer offer organizing services or presentations, in the hope that it will be of use to those who are seeking organizational guidance.

I believe that each of us has gifts to share and that, by sharing them, we make the world a better place. I also believe that being organized is a spiritual process. It is not enough to set up organizing systems; we must shift how we move through the world so that we can use those systems effectively. We must become more aware of our actions, slow down, and adopt an attitude of gratitude -- realize that our lives are abundant with blessings, our needs met.

My focus on the spiritual aspects of being organized blossomed into The Spiritual Art of Being Organized, which presents the practical and spiritual principles that provide the foundation for all organizing systems, as well Claire's C.A.L.M. approach to decluttering.

In addition to The Spiritual Art of Being Organized, I have written a series of mini e-books (or downloadable booklets) on a variety of topics. Both the books and the e-books are published by Winter's Daughter Press from my little home on three acres along the Elk River, where my cats and I enjoy the beauty of green pastures, grazing Jersey cows, clucking hens and quacking ducks (who sound like they are laughing), redwood-covered hills, and the call of a distant foghorn. To order any (or all) of these publications, click here.

For a list of media appearances and articles written about me, click here.

A few quotes from real live clients:

"Thank you, dear Claire Sensai (Zen Master) of Organizers! You've got a black belt! I continue to reap the benefits of our work together long after you leave...the gift that keeps giving...that's how you should describe yourself." China.

"While 2011 had some wonderful milestones, both personally and professionally, selling our dream house and downsizing was difficult and I struggled with much of it. I've noticed, though, that I began focusing much more on experiences and am happily and continually purging 10 years of married life. ... I'm happy to say that I tossed a great deal this year. Do I need every single paper holiday 'thing' that my 4 kids made over the past 23 years? Nope. I have you and your book to thank for a great deal of my success in moving from a large house to a much smaller one and being able to find what is needed WHEN it is needed and without a lot of frustration and/or yelling. 'Dishes before dusting' and 'think vertical' have been lifesavers for me over the past 8 months." Carole

"You are responsible for major accomplishments. Because of your help, our home and its organization made a giant leap forward. Thank you." Julianne.

"Your newsletters are well-written, well-presented and interesting, so I hope you get started on your own book soon. I also appreciate the practicality of your suggestions and your breaking each task into do-able steps that aren't intimidating, cutesy or environmentally irresponsible." Maridee.

"I just want to let you know how I appreciate the work you are doing here in our community. Your visits here were tremendously helpful." Emelia.

"I am happy to recommend your classes to everyone I know. You can tell people that what happens when they get organized is that they accomplish more and feel less stressed." Christine.

"Thank you for all your support. I appreciate all your practical suggestions on everything from organizing financial papers and a filing system to cleaning kitchens. Even better is the emotional affirmation I have felt and the hope and confidence that it is possible for me to be organized. I have highly recommended your classes and consultation services to my friends." Pat.

"I am very happy you came here. I am extremely pleased with how efficient the bill paying system is going for me as a result of your help. The tickler file is such a great tool for me. The question "What purpose does it serve/why am I keeping this?" has been a real help. I expect to be even more organized by Fall. It is one of my goals to implement what I learned from you more fully by then." Robene.

"If more people would realize how their lives could change with proper pickup our world would be much more peaceful. Even my family sees how much calmer I am when my house is clean and the yard is done." Linda.


last updated on January 12, 2014